Seizure/Garnishment of Government Benefits

While the reasons that motivate a person to file for bankruptcy vary widely, one of the most common is to protect an asset. Depending on the nature of the asset, unpaid creditors may try to access it through either garnishment or seizure. Cash assets, including wages... read more

Fraudulent Transfers

Throughout the bankruptcy process, the financial activity of the debtor will be subject to examination by the trustee and by creditors. In most cases, the examination consists of the trustee reading though the documents filed by the debtor and asking questions at a... read more

Non-Dischargeable Debts

Chapter 7 is the most common type of bankruptcy that an individual will enter into. Chapter 7 bankruptcies also come the closest to matching the concept of bankruptcy that most people who have never gone through the process have. In a chapter 7, an individual... read more

The Automatic Stay

Filing for bankruptcy can provide a number of major benefits to someone in a difficult financial situation. For people who are suffering from bothersome debt collection calls or a looming foreclosure action, one of the most appreciated of these benefits is the... read more